Price of Weed & Opium Goes Up In Visakhapatnam

Rise in the Price of Ganja VizagRise in the Price of Ganja Vizag

In the district of Visakhapatnam, the price of ganja and opium are being hiked to premium rates. With the police and excise departments busting the sale and seizing ganja all over the district, there is a severe shortage of the drugs.

The increase in sales of these contraband can also be credited to the same. Reportedly, a pouch of ganja that weighs not more than 15 grams is being sold for Rs 500 and the opium tablets are being sold at Rs 50 per piece.

Visakhapatnam is emerging as the major hub for export of ganja and other narcotics, with business in the city running on an average of Rs 40 lakh per day. The district also acts as a major distribution point. While the peddlers are mostly from outside the city, a few of them are from old city.

The way the distribution happens in the city is reportedly simple. These peddlers contact addicts and even deliver the narcotics to their doorsteps. Apparently, demonetisation has had no effect on this business, especially the ganja business.

The transit routes that these peddlers use include Khammam, Badrachalam, Salur and Rampachodavaram. With the police intensifying security on these routes, the peddlers prefer to use public transport like railways and APSRTC now.

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