In Case of Power Outage, Complain at the Nearest Mee Seva

meeseva, vizag

Customers wanting to complain about power outage & tired of calling up landlines of their respective power-houses now have an easy solution.

The APEPDCL has urged customers from Visakhapatnam, Srikakulam, Vizianagaram and both the Godavari districts to lodge a complaint immediately in their nearest Mee Seva centre in case of a power outage.

APEPDCL’s Chairman and Managing Director MM Nayak has assured that such complaints will be attended to within 12 hours in urban areas and 24 hours in rural areas. If the failure of transformers in the cause of the power outage, it will be repaired or replaced in the given amount of time. He further assured that the power will be restored without any delay.

During summers it is commonplace for transformers to fail due to heat and overload. The transformers are known to fail in severe heat conditions and via over drawing of power against its load capacitor. In such cases, if one heads to the nearest Mee Seva centre, power will be restored within the given time frame with the APEPDCL responding as per the requirement.

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