Popular “Eat Streets” in Visakhapatnam that are for Street Food lovers

street food

A row of shops along a street and smells of hot, yummy junk food wafting out of every shop. Yes!! That’s the correct picture of these Eat Streets of Visakhapatnam.

While there are many small, big, fancy and frugal places to load up on carbs and other junk food goodies in Viskhapatnam, these East Streets stand out for a range of different street food options all in one place. A row of shops that have taken over for hogger’s delight in these zones of Vizag. Read on for a yummy tummy treat.

Eat Street beside Pantaloons in Daba Gardens: Now you know what we are talking about. Shop, eat, shop eat, repeat!! Whatever one could fancy interms of street food is right here. South Indian, desi Chinese treats, Pay Bhaji, Egg/Chicken/Paneer rolls etc etc. Now all this is at such a jaw droppingly cheap price that you will keep coming back for sure.

An example – An egg-chicken roll is Rs.45 and a huge dosa down the lane would be Rs.25.

Eat Street along the Park, on the service road between Dabagardens and Pages junction: Pardon us for giving you the address in such a precise manner but then that is where all the cute little food trucks are, awaiting hungry folks like us to gorge on the eat streets mostly Andhra fare. A little more diversity in diet has creept in but the basic South Indian street food soul is still there.

Entire Beach Road: The entire Beach Road is a melting pot of Eat streets and we have been there and done that. Let’s not get into the details for we know them already. We love the Kailash Pav Bhaji, Bhajjis, Bhutta, Muri Mixture and the spiciest plate of momos in town in front of YMCA.

Drive-In, along Lawson’s Bay:

Drive along the Lawson’s Bay stretch and a huge space with parked vehicles catches your eye.  Various food counters are available at the Visakhapatnam Drive-In with a wide choice from pizza and ice cream to Chinese food and dosas. The laid-back open-door seating with bleached wooden furniture, and cool breeze blowing in from the shore only add to the spontaneous vibes the place gives out. 

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