Plastic continues to create a menace in the society

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A bull was operated to remove 20 kg of plastic from his stomach

Plastic continues to tear the environment apart: We all have been hearing a lot regarding the ill effects caused by the rampant use of plastic. But despite the many efforts being taken by the authorities, this non-biodegradable material continues to create a menace in our society. In various forms, it has become omnipresent in our day to day lives and has spread its roots so deep that the authorities are finding it next to impossible to minimize its use.

plasticEnvironmental activists say that the toxins from plastic are reaching water bodies and are eventually getting into the food cycle. While burning these materials releases carcinogenic emissions, storing them is not a wise option either. It is advised that households sell plastic to waste recyclers in order to check the problem up to some extent.

Also, the animals are getting deeply affected by the use of plastic. While cattle, unknowingly, consume these harmful substances, the aquatic creatures face multiple repercussions due to improper disposal of plastic.

Many of you must have watched this video posted by Animal Aid Unlimited on their YouTube page.

The video shows a bull which was operated to remove 20 kilos of plastic from his stomach! This video, which is quite emotional and disturbing, gives us a glimpse of how dreadful can this substance prove to be for our environment.

pollutionEven though the vendors receive instructions to avoid selling in polythene bags, it can be observed that most of them fail to follow these instructions. In fact, the vendors say that it has been a long time since they heard from the officials and have not been provided with any alternatives to these bags.

plasticAll said and done, the problem poses one of the toughest challenges to any civic body to overcome. While the authorities might or might not succeed in their trials to curb the problem, the people also need to act responsibly when it comes to the use and disposal of plastic. Steps such as rejecting polythene bags, encouraging and promoting the use of alternative bags, avoiding irresponsible disposal of plastic materials, and educating others, are some of the basics that can be followed by us in order to bring about a major change in the society.

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