Pet Therapy : Pudgy Paws and Cuddly Noses

pet therapy

There was a couple who had been married for almost five years, earning well, living well, enjoying a heavy social life with no kids, yet there was a sense of discontentment most of the time. Their fights were frequent, mostly ugly ones and their life was a complete mess; until one day, a well wisher gifted them a puppy. An adorable, cuddly, cute little thing, who turned their lives upside down. With the little one came responsibilities, sleeplessness and a lot of patience. Their socialising came to a halt, communication between the two reached an all time high and most importantly there was a whiff of love blossoming yet again in the otherwise boring household. ‘Charm’ – as the puppy was later named taught them to love again.  The therapeutic effect of that little pup changed their lives.

Research has shown that pets are man’s best companions and having them around brings life to mundane surroundings. It has also been proved that pets bring forth a nurturing habit in people – a pet owner lives longer, and even recovers from severe health problems.

Coming home after a long hard day at work and taking the dog for a stroll, stroking the cat’s fur or making conversation with a bowl of fish can reduce stress levels drastically. Many behavioural analysts recommend people with high stress levels to have a pet at home as animals provide unconditional love and are a constant source of affection and comfort.  

There have been cases where terminally ill patients have been presented with a pet and their life span has increased. The urge to live longer just to take care of the pet has helped them in their journey forward. Depression is yet another problem that can be treated with Animal Assisted Therapy (or AAT) as it is referred to in many parts of the world.  

There was a man who loved talking to his dog. He would discuss the entire day’s activities with the dumb animal. At the end of the day he was happy deeming that the dog helped him take the right decisions as the dog was not opinionated. The point  here is that talking to people can misguide you once in a while, but an animal allows you to think clearly, without taking sides. A man’s best friend, pets are the best answer to a lonely life, they banish loneliness.

A pet can feel his owners’ pain. Taking the human mind off loneliness, grief, pain, and fear, it brings laughter and offers an immense sense of security and protection. Not just adults but children too are overwhelmed with the presence of a pet in the house. Children share a special bond with their pet, one indescribable in words. It’s best felt when you see a kid sitting on a dog, trying to make him run like a horse, or teaching words he’s learnt at school to his parakeet!

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