People First Campaign By AP Government To Weed Out Corruption

people first
People First Campaign Chandrababu Naidu Andhra Pradesh Toll free

The state government has launched a People First campaign from June 1, with the intention to connect with people and win their confidence. The Chief Minister stated that despite the government launching many initiatives, people weren’t satisfied due to rampant corruption.

With the government’s vow to have zero tolerance towards corruption, the campaign consists of a helpline people can call to. The CM has warned corrupt politicians and officials that he would see their end. The toll-free number 1100 has been launched, enabling victims of corruption to lodge complaints and grievances. They can also provide suggestions on various government schemes.

750 people will be working at the call centre that is expected to incur accountability and root out corruption. After the launch of the helpline, it was reportedly flooded with calls about the corruption rampant in the state. Complaints came in about everyone from sarpanch to MLAs and clerks to IAS officers. Following the complaints, these officials and politicians have reportedly had to return the amount back to people they took the money from.

A dozen cases of money returned were reported on the first day alone. But while the helpline seems to be a good start, situation seems grim and it remains to be seen how effective it really will be. Corruption exists in such high places and from so long, the optimism seems refreshing.

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