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Srikanth Polisetty

Srikanth Polisetty, the 28-year-old debut novelist from our very own city, gets talking with Yo! Vizag, and unfolds the story of his journey as a writer, and how CGPA has happened.

Coffee and conversation!

Srikanth – Unassuming demeanor. Unwavering passion. Tons of confidence. He plays with words, weaves sentences and blissfully combines them into a book. On a quiet and crisp monsoon mid-day, we settle down on a cozy sofa at our office to talk. What else does one need other than books and some good conversation on a rainy day?

More than a geek!

Hailing from a family of doctors, Srikanth, a boisterous introvert, claims to be an odd one out when it comes to his various professional incarnations – a mechanical engineer, an IIT graduate with business administration as major, job in government sector, and an amazing writer, whose tale telling is sure to bowl the readers over with his gripping strategy.


Work. Write. Repeat.

When quizzed about his foray into writing, he was quick to retort, “I was never into serious writing. I used to blog occasionally and penned a few screenplays, as movies interest me the most”. Besides work, there’s something else that kept him occupied – a book! “I used to write one page a day. Thankfully, my work timings are a blessing, which prompted me to write more, and as days passed by, I saw myself obsessed with writing. That’s how CGPA shaped up”, he says. He adds, “My book reflects the nostalgia quotient in ample amounts. The storyline is sure to rekindle most treasured memories of every age group. As this is my first book, I was very particular that the content holds real life incidents. It’ll strike the right chord,” he chuckles.



Having wrapped up his second jewel, and currently penning his third one, he is striving to make a mark of his own in different genres apart from the ongoing rom-com trend. A wistful look wafts across his face when asked about his favourite author, “Michael Crichton tops my list of favourites, followed by Dan Brown and Sidney Sheldon.” As he adds more names to the never-ending list (which is an evident persona of any writer), we were eager to know the screenplay writer side of Srikanth. “Screenplay writing is something that fascinates me big time. Don’t be surprised if my name pops up on the big screen soon”, he adds.

Gala-wala chronicles!

His connection with Vizag is special too. “Driving around the city during nights is what I love the most. Gluttony-me want to always hang out at FSM and PCC”. And what does he do when he’s not at work or writing. “Apart from writing, I spend time with my dog Brownie which I recently adopted. It is my best company,” he signs off.

Go grab a copy of CGPA right away, and lose yourselves in the virtual world of College. Girls. Placements. Alcohol.


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  1. I love your writing, mam ! Such an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G articulation ! Can I have the link to C.G.P.A book, please ?

  2. Proud of you ! Doing a fab job >:D< Long way to goo. I can see that thing in you. Keep that momentum going ! 😉

    Great way of putting it!!! Loved it! 🙂

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