Once Upon A Time – G.O.D.|Goods of Desire

G.O.D.|Goods of Desire

Once Upon A Time – ‘ G.O.D.|Goods of Desire ‘, offers a unique concept to the city by providing a beautifully vintage platform for creativity.

Drive along Port Road and a bright house catches your eye. Nestled between two massive trees is a door with a classy sign declaring the ‘Marine Mansion’. Step in and you are sheathed in pristine whitewashed walls with turquoise Lancet windows and doors, high ceilings and seamless wooden floors. The century old Gothic structure’s owner Bela Gupta renovated the heritage building with the help of Ameet Mirpuri. Her aim is to provide a creative space for all the artists in the city and beyond.

once upon a time

G.O.D.|Goods of Desire is a platform for people to not just shop, but to have a novel experience altogether. The huge corridors leading to multiple rooms of the same size are open to holding trunk shows, pop-up stores, musical performances, art galleries and more. What sets G.O.D.|Goods of Desire apart is that the curator wants to promote genuine talent, and not just hold luxury exhibitions. Weavers can come in and showcase their talent, while G.O.D.|Goods of Desire will do its best to build an event around it. There is no limit to what the space can be used for.

Location: Near harbour out-gate

Contact: Bela Gupta (Curator) – 9849699246

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