Here’s what the Vizagites think about the “No Helmet-No Petrol” rule

no helmet no petrol
no helmet no petrol

One rule that has been making headlines recently is that of “No Helmet-No Petrol”. The rule has now made it mandatory for all the bike riders to wear a helmet if they want to get their bikes fueled. This step, as per the police, will do a great deal in ensuring the rider’s safety. It has been over a week now that the rule has come into force and the police say that the number of heads with helmets has already increased. While the petrol bunks in the places outside the city aren’t yet pressing on this rule, many bunks in the city are being strict executioners.

We happened to interact with a few people from Vizag and asked their opinion on the rule. Here’s what they had to say.

Ravi Kumar, Bank Manager

“The highways in the city are always highly risky roads for anyone to drive. Being the places where generally many vehicles are driven at high speeds, accidents here can prove to be costly affairs. Wearing helmets will ensure that if any such mishap is to happen, the rider is safeguarded from head injuries. This is a praiseworthy step.”

Vihaan Kotha, Student

“Everyone must wear safety gear while driving. This will not only protect the driver but also make his/her family feel secure. The “No Helmet-No Petrol” rule is a good step as it makes sure that even negligent drivers wear a helmet while riding their bikes.”

Rahul Gupta, Engineer

“While this is a commendable step taken by the city’s police, it might prove to be an obstacle at times. There might arise a rare situation where, while in a hurry, the rider might forget to wear a helmet but urgently needs to fuel the bike. Such a scenario might turn out to be problematic for anyone.”

Laxmirani, Housewife

“It is one of the best steps taken in recent times. My son has started wearing a helmet now (laughs). This will make sure that the injuries caused during an unfortunate accident are minimal. In fact, not only helmet, the rider should drive the bike by donning a full safety gear.”

Well, what do you think? Do let us know in the comments section.

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