Newborn baby girl rescued from a garbage dump in Visakhapatnam

newborn baby, visakhapatnam

In a heart-wrenching incident reported from Visakhapatnam, a newborn baby girl who was abandoned in a garbage dump was rescued by the hospital staff of Sri Venkateswara hospital on Friday.

Reportedly, at 5:30 am, the hospital staff heard a baby crying in the vicinity. The search led to shocking visuals when they found a newborn baby girl dumped in the garbage, covered with rubbish and plant litter. By then, the little one had suffered an injury to the back of her head and also developed severe rashes her body, owing to ant bites.

The chief doctor of the hospital, after being alerted, had rushed to the spot to offer the necessary first aid. Soon after, the police and the District Child Protection Unit (DCPU) were immediately informed regarding the issue. Later on, the baby was taken to the King George Hospital (KGH) to ensure proper medical care.

The baby’s condition has been reported to be stable. The doctors informed that the newborn had fallen sick as she was not fed with breast milk. Currently, the baby is recovering in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at KGH. The baby will reportedly be kept under observation for a week to run further tests. Post-treatment, the baby will be handed over to the officials of the Department of Women and Child Development in Visakhapatnam.

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