New Railway Zone in Visakhapatnam Only a Matter of Time?

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MLC PVN Madhav, at a recently held press meet, stated that a new railway zone with Visakhapatnam as its headquarters was only a matter of time. Supporting his statement, he said that the committee formed for this purpose had already chosen Visakhapatnam as their recommendation and it is only a matter of time before the announcement for the new railway zone was made.

Speaking at the Meet the Press organised by the Visakhapatnam Journalists Forum, he stated that every detail regarding the zone has been cleared and the announcement is ready to be made at an opportune time. Speaking about the Special Category Status he said, “SCS for AP or for any other State has been ruled out by Niti Aayog. What we can now think of is getting the best out of the special package and as quickly as possible.”

When he was asked why the certificates issued by AU School of Distance Education were not recognised by most organisations, he said he would raise the issue with the Council and see to it that a bridge course or equivalent certificate course be designed to ensure these certificates are on par with the regular degree certificates.

There was also assurance on his part to pick up on the issue of jute mills and ferro alloys unit.  “Apart from the jute mills and ferro alloys units, we shall also look into why units such as Wipro and Tech Mahindra are not functioning in full strength. Employment is the focus area and we shall work towards it,” he said.

Crediting his win to his father PV Chalapathi Rao who served the party for years, he stated that the BJP was expanding base across the country and the same will be done in AP too.

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