Mumbai-Delhi Jet Airways flight diverted after hijack threat found onboard

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Jet Airways plane from Mumbai to Delhi was diverted to Ahmedabad when a hijack threat was found onboard. The security threat was reported early Monday morning onboard Jet Airways flight 9W399. A note that said, “9W339 is covered by hijackers and should not land and should be flown straight to POK.  Don’t take it as a joke.  Cargo area contains explosive bombs and will blast if you land in DEL. Allah is great.”, was found on the plane.

An image of the threat was posted by ANI via their Twitter account.

ANI on Twitter

Hijack threat letter found in bathroom of Jet Airways 9W339 Mumbai-Delhi flight that was diverted to Ahmedabad earlier today

The flight, that departed around 3 am from Mumbai, was immediately diverted to Ahmedabad and landed at the city’s Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International airport at 3:50 am. All the passengers were deplaned by 4:25 am.

A statement released by Jet Airways said, “Boeing 737-900 from Mumbai to Delhi was diverted to Ahmedabad following the declaration of an emergency as per established security procedures, due to the detection of an onboard security threat. The aircraft landed without incident at Ahmedabad and was parked at a remote bay, where all 115 guests and 7 crew members were safely deplaned.”

It has also been learned from the statement that Jet Airways is extending full cooperation to the authorities who are investigating into the matter.

“The airline regrets the inconvenience caused to its guests and is making efforts to bring them to Delhi at the earliest,” the statement said.

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