Mumbai ‘Hit and Run’ victim gets no help, cell phone stolen by onlookers.

hit and run
hit and run

In a shocking incident from Mumbai, a victim of hit and run case lies unconscious without any help from onlookers who steal her cell phone.
Ananya Gaitonde was walking in the neighborhood of Andheri in Mumbai when she was hit by a speeding bike. In a typical case of hit and run, the biker fled the sport without caring to help her or enquire about her. Ananya Gaitonde is just 17 years old. The crowd of curious onlookers surrounded her after the spectacle but none came forward to help her. From among the bystanders in the site of hit and run someone heartlessly took advantage of the situation and stole her cell phone.
The fact that no one came forward to help or call for an ambulance shows the apathy of the people in the urban neighborhood of Mumbai. A passing mother and daughter, Anita and Sweety Goel were the help which reached on time. They assessed the situation and took her home. After the victime recovered consciousness she contacted her family.
Ananya was rushed by her father to Kokilaben Hospital where it was found out that she suffered a fractured rib cage but did not suffer from any outer injuries or bleeding. Her father has taken to an angry rant on his Facebook page regarding the callous attitude of the onlookers to the hit and run case and the helpless victim. How someone could steal a victim’s cell phone instead of helping her beats humanity.

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