Mohan Babu responds to the rage of the fasak memes

mohan babu, fasak

If you’ve been active on social media over the past week, then you must have surely encountered the fasak memes that broke the internet and we have one man to thank- Mohan Babu.

The 68-year-old, in one of his recent interviews to an English news channel, while explaining a scene from his movie, says “Don’t do so many like this. Only once, fasak..” While the word isn’t used in the movie, Mohan Babu uses the word whilst describing the scene with a hand gesture. The statement set the internet on fire with numerous memes and troll videos being created of it.

In fact, the word fasak seems to have gone so viral that actor Mohan Babu too, has taken a note of it. Taking to Twitter, the legendary actor played a true sport and tweeted “#fasak Good to know it’s trending! @iVishnuManchu tells me there are minimum 200 spoof videos! Saw some, really innovative and funny!”

Actor Manoj Kumar Machu too, has taken a liking to these trending memes.

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