Men’s Fashion – Winter Trends

men's fashion

With the arrival of winter most of guys tend to put on a sweater and sweatshirt with a pair of denims and this continues till the arrival spring. In a city like Visakhapatnam where there is no shivering cold, people come out with shorts topped with worn out jackets and faded t-shirts. While this trend is out dated, it is also shabby to look at and uncomfortable to carry all day. Here are few men’s fashion tips which guys can carry off with ease and look hot as hell in this hot and cold December.

Start with ripped denims and pants [as they are in trend] and top them with coloured jackets according to the colour of your jeans. Dark coloured jackets [brown, black, green] with ice blue pants while dark pants compliments light tees and sweatshirts. Experiment with your look and try out different styles every day. What good than looking attractive every single day.

We all know that a simple outfit quite easily gets boring in the daily run. Sure, less is more in some cases, but why not spice it up when you have the chance in a this season?  Accessories can make or break an outfit, no matter how simple. If you’re going to dress formal, wear that watch. If you’re dressing simple and casual, well… wear it anyway!

A lot of people neglect accessories, especially things like scarves, watches and jewellery. To some extent, men see it as feminine, which is wrong. Scarves are practical as they keep you warm. Watches are practical and look good. Jewellery, well… let’s just say it depends from person to person.

Watches are to men what stilettos are to women. Their main purpose is after all to show the time, and your smart phone does just that, and is most likely in your hand just as often as your watch is on your arm. Nevertheless, watches are beautiful. Try to get your hands on a quality watch, from a well known brand. These days however, where people are more interested in the actual look of the watch, compared to how the watch movement is made, you might want to look into minimalist watches – these can be found relatively cheap or very expensive, so look out for sales! Buying a watch online can come to your rescue at any point of time.

Jewellery is a pretty wide term. Let us focus on rings and bracelets mainly as those are somewhat masculine (not saying ear-rings, necklaces etc. etc. are feminine, but you get the idea). Anchor bracelets are always in. Get a good quality one locally, or get a handmade, cheaper alternative with lots of variety, from Instagram shoppers – Instagram is a great place to find all accessories (including watches and shoes). Rings, bracelets, necklaces, piercings etc, just beware of potential bad quality.

Every man should own at least one belt. And by belt we mean leather with a buckle, not an overdone fake high-end brand. A clean, brown (or whatever colour goes with trend) belt, in genuine leather, that you can wear on a regular basis, depending on your outfit. And for God’s sake, try and make it match your shoe wear if you’re gonna flaunt the belt by tucking your shirts in!

Last but not the least, gift yourself a good pair of shoes [both casual and formal]. A good pair of shoes always helps in making a good impression. Go for white sneakers as they are in trend and dark brown leather shoes for partying and casual wear. While being formal, avoid green and blue and stick to traditional black and brown. Ps. avoid loafer shoes in formal meetings. They look shady and out of trend.

Happy winter flaunting!

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