Man Throws Dog Off a Roof, NGO Offers Reward to Find Him

Man and Dog
Man and Dog

The video of a man throwing a dog off the roof and grinning while doing it has gone viral. The video that first materialised on Facebook two weeks ago has received wide outrage from viewers. Social media users have since then widely shared the clip to convey their disgust and in an attempt to track down the man in the clip. The clip has reportedly been filmed in Chennai and the 34 second clip shows the grinning man throw a helpless puppy off the roof and the yelping cries of the dog are heard after it hits the ground.  

The Humane Society International India has announced a Rs 1 Lakh reward for anyone who can provide information about the man. In a Facebook post, Sally Kannan of Humane Society International India said, Look at what this filthy and miserable excuse of a human being does to the poor doggy who keeps wagging her tail until the last moment… She kept trusting the man even when his dirty mind was planning the worst for her.

Please share and help trace this @#$€£¥₩ . This is definitely in India and I am sure someone or the other can finally recognize the man in it. Any information regarding this video and the person in it will be rewarded monetarily.

The cyber crime cell in Chennai is currently investigating the case.

Humane Society International/India is offering a reward of 100,000 Rs to anyone who is willing to volunteer valid information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for this evil.”  

A police case has been registered against the man who has been identified as Gautam S, a final year medical student. Him and the person filming will hopefully be brought to justice soon.  

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