Hotel, shopping mall and convention center, LuLu Group to invest in Visakhapatnam

source - New Indian Express

The LuLu Group is planning big investments in Visakhapatnam and a hotel, shopping mall and convention center are on the cards.

As reported before, the LuLu Group is coming to Visakhapatnam and they have big plans and major investments for the city. In what can be termed superb entertainment news, we are looking at a shopping mall, convention center and a hotel. With properties in Kochi and other big places over the world we can expect this group to bring up world class properties in Visakhapatnam. This is made solid by the fact that Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu paid a visit to Kochi recently to cement the deal. He confirmed the integrated project. He is hopeful that the property LuLu Group will be developing in Visakhapatnam will be better than the one in Kochi.

A LuLu Mall

LuLu group has bettered the retail and economic scene at all the places it has set up properties and the same can be expected from it’s big venture here. A shopping mall and a convention center on the same world class standards that LuLu has brought else where will definitely amp the atmosphere here. A hotel would be an additional goodie for sure.

Information received before this pointed out that the project will be on the model of public-private partnership, enabling both Government and Private bodies to team up for a much more enhanced approach. What makes this venture more attractive is the convention center. The road block to conducting major national and international events here will be addressed. LuLu Mall acknowledged as an experience of global standards has wowed Indians in the southern shores. It has changed the shopping and retail appetite of Kochi. As for us, we will be waiting until then and soon as we have further information we shall update.

More about the LuLu Group: 

In 1995, Abu Dhabi(UAE) witnessed the first supermarket opened by the LuLu Group International. The time was perfect for such trade considering the change in retail business scenario back then. These markets started to expand all over Abu Dhabi and Dubai until 2000 when the first LuLu Hypermarket store was opened in Dubai after which, LuLu with a tagline “Where the world Comes to Shop” stormed through its competition to become the biggest chain in Middle East.

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