Beware!! Leopard and Panthers on the prowl on Kailasagiri Road in Visakhapatnam

Leopard on the prowl

Yes, its true. The beautiful Kailasagiri, Visakhapatnam is out of bounds for many who have been scared by sightings of a leopard and panthers on prowl on the roads to it.

A popular hangout for locals of Visakhapatnam and a favourite among city tourist spots, Kailasagiri is a hard to reach spot now. This is due to the reports by many who have seen the sighting of a leopard and panthers on the prowl. The animals have been sighted on the road curving on hills leading upto Kailasagiri. Not just that, many have made videos of a leopard sauntering and taking cover amidst the greenery on the Visakhapatnam road leading to the site.

Pug marks and tell tale signs of panthers also have been discovered and it is but natural that many visitors avoided the popular spot. Inspection of the area has been conducted and the HRD Minister as well concerned officials have been to the spots to see first hand. Assurances are already out regarding containment measures. Visakhapatnam is a hub of tourists and scares like this necessitate swift action. In all likelihood, the leopard and panthers might have come from the Kambalakonda Reserve which is nearby and this is not the first time. Sightings of big cats in these parts have occurred earlier.

It comes as no surprise that the area is closed and announcements made that it will open after containment measures, scanning and declaring it safe.

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