Latest attractions set to bring cheer in Visakhapatnam Zoo

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Indira Gandhi Zoological Park or Visakhapatnam Zoo welcomes its latest attractions, an elephant and her young calf which are set to uplift the cheer factor.

Indira Gandhi Zoological Park is to be the new home for 52-year-old elephant Saraswati and her young female calf Laxmi who have arrived here from Aurangabad Zoo. the latest attractions at the Visakhapatnam zoo are all set to break into their new home and seem to be adapting just fine. It is a better living atmosphere for the mother daughter duo since it is an improvement from their cramped and restricted living area in Aurangabad Zoo. Their cheerfulness and candor will definitely cheer the spirits here.Visitors are already lining up to have a look and bid welcome to the latest members.

Laxmi and her mother came accompanied by two mahouts who shall remain with them till they settle into their new location. Along with them the task force at Visakhapatnam are also giving these star attractions their utmost care. More may be recruited from Chittoor zoo to add to the team of 6 mahouts here. There are now 4 elephants, the two new ones and two male ones Raja and Krishna.

As compared to other zoos in India, Visakhapatnam Zoo has elephants in captivity. Others have been directed to shift elephants where space has been deemed insufficient. In addition to this there are added attractions of viewing animals in their natural element in their habitat without disturbing them through CCTV footage at the Bioscope. The CCTVs will let one monitor and observe the animals best without disturbing them. Starting with 5 enclosures, the plan is to extend it to more in future.

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