Land grab cases unearthed, collector serves RDO show cause notice.


SIT observations has opened the proverbial can of worms. One after another case of land grabbing pops up everyday. In the most recent one, Collector Pravin Kumar has served show cause notice to RDO. This is a result of SIT observations and allegations. The RDO in question is S Venkateswara Rao. He is accused of providing false information to the SIT and bribery. The allegations come from MLA Peela Govinda Satyanarayana. The bribe in question was Rs.20 crores.

Further, a complaint was lodged by MANSAS Trust at Anandapuram Police Station. The allegations was 19 acre land grabbing worth Rs.40 crores. Accusations against the RDO by MANAS EO, state favours to private parties. 99.2 acres of land belonging to Kasi Visweswara Swami Temple have been encroached.

In a similar case of land grabbing 4.33 acres belonging to Simhachalam Temple, RDO stands accused. When said party moved RDO’s office, verdict turned in his favor. The Simachalam Temple EO has accused the RDO of favoring private parties who violate the law.

The Collector’s notice comes after 4 such charges. The RDO has been given 2 weeks to answer. The RDO has called the charges baseless and assures his innocence. He has mentioned submitting a comprehensive reply to the accusations.

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