Lambasingi, The ‘Kashmir of Andhra Pradesh’ & The Sad State of Affairs

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Lambasingi has in the recent past been getting a lot of attention for being one of the coldest places during winter. With temperature there dropping to minus 3 degrees lately, it has been drawing huge crowds from Visakhapatnam and even tourists from neighbouring districts.

Drawing great interest for its sub-zero temperatures, it was previously reported that the APTDC will finalise a blueprint for its development soon. Called as the ‘Kashmir of Andhra Pradesh’, while word has spread about the beauty of the place through word of mouth, fact remains that the tourist space lacks even basic amenities. Let alone places to stay or eat, Lambasingi’s lack of public toilets in the first place is surprising.

Large number of tourists throng to this place between November and January, even from West Bengal. They have to resort to staying at Araku or somewhere else and drive down if they want to experience the chilling climate here. A large number of youngsters and even families visit this place and the lack of public toilets causes much inconvenience.

It is a sad state of affairs when despite there being so much hype about the tourism aspect of Lambasingi, the tourism department has done nothing to provide amenities for tourists this year too. A lot of tourists go in with lot of expectations due to the word of mouth and find it disappointing when they reach there, not because the place is any less beautiful than they were told, but because a tourist place lacking basic amenities is simply astounding.

Such places would do amazingly well with a resort, or atleast an eatery in place. Reportedly, the APTDC department has taken notice though and will take up construction of toilets there with the local tourism funds. There is also a plan to build an eco-tourism resort that hasn’t taken off due to lack of bidders. So, maybe things will improve by next year then?

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