A Kiddiewink Summer – Kid Friendly Places & Food


Summer has dawned upon us and apart from the oppressive heat and luscious mangoes, the first thing that comes to our mind is the summer vacation. But summer vacation also means an army of bored brats and frustrated adults trying hard to cater to their every need. Picky eaters are commonplace in every household and unless you want to pull out your hair in frustration every time you step out, follow our tried & tested options of both kid-friendly places and food. The best kind of meal is one that’s shared, so we also present you with a fare that you and your little one can try together. P.S: None of our recommendations are healthy because come on! It’s vacation time!



A crowd-favourite since ages, Food-Ex was the go-to during summer until other cafés came up. Even back when it was called ‘Hot Breads’, this classic café served the best Manchuria, rolls and pastry in town, not to mention – the birthday cakes.

Yo! Recommends: Manchuria, Paneer Tikka and Kathi Roll

To Share: Chocolate pastry


Bake My Wish

Tired of the plain old dosa variants, then the D-Wrap counter at this eatery is one that attracts most attention. Sold with stuffing, in various flavours like butter chicken and even noodles; these dosa wraps are made fresh and come accompanied with delectable chutneys.

Yo! Recommends: Dhamaka Corn, Frenchy Munchy & EMC2

To Share: Monster Shake



A chocolate lover’s haven, Radisa has a lot more to offer than their delectable chocolate. Their savoury offerings are as tasty as their sweet, so try out their sandwiches or dosas, if not their biriyani and a whole range of healthy food made from millet.

Yo! Recommends: Fried Idli, Paneer Kotthu Parotta, Cheese & Corn Pancake

To Share: Ferrero Rocher Brownie


Laddu Gopal

Offering a wide array of chaats, and snacks like samosas, bondas, kachoris, pav bhaji and more, Laddu Gopal is our go-to when we’re craving for some chaat. Head over to their either branch and you’re in for a treat.

Yo! Recommends: Samosa or Chana Chaat

To Share: Amritsari Kulche & Chola


Sweet India

If you’re jonesing for some classic Vada Pav and aren’t satisfied with the options available in the city, this is where you head to. While their samosas and chaat are all pretty amazing, their Vada Pav and Dhokla win our hearts hands down.

Yo! Recommends: Vada Pav, Stuffed Dhokla

To Share: Freshly made Jalebi


Pastry, Coffee n’ Conversation

The favourite hang-out spot for most Vizagites, PCC has always served delectable burgers, pastas, puffs and brownies. While their rarely available Red Velvet or Carrot Cake pastry are our favourites, we cannot recommend their chocolaty brownies enough.

Yo! Recommends: Brownies, Club Sandwich

To Share: Cheese Burger


Baker’s Castle

Baker’s Castle has always been the go-to for their pastries, with Chocolate Truffle being our personal favourite. But did you know they make great sandwiches and puffs too? Try out their doughnuts and chilli chicken/cheese slice if you’re in for something light.

Yo! Recommends: Spinach & Corn Sandwich, literally any Pastry on display

To Share: Blackcurrant Milk Shake



What could a child want to eat more than a pizza? While their wide varieties of pizzas are ones that are known, try out their kid-sized Burger Pizza that comes in classic and premium variants and the penne pasta that comes loaded with cheese.

Yo! Recommends: Pasta Italiano, Burger Pizza, Choco Lava

To Share: Quattro Formaggi Burst Pizza


Pizza Hut

Pan pizzas, chicken wings, potato wedges, soups, salads, pastas and more, one can have a full course meal at Pizza Hut. End your meal with a Choco Chip Cookie Sundae or a Hot Chocolate Fudge, but not before you try out their garlic bread.

Yo! Recommends: Cheese Garlic Bread, Berry Vanilla Shake

To Share: Triple Chicken Feast Pizza


Ice Creams

What kid won’t love building up their own sundae. Be it ice cream sticks or scoops, Ibaco allows you to choose your own base and toppings, they even price your creation based on the weight (100 gms costs Rs 99). Cream Stone and Crème Castle offer various flavoured ice cream variants like Candy Land, Willy Wonka or Candy Crush respectively with delectable sugar-loaded toppings.  Head over to Jack Frost if you just want to share a classic sundae or milkshake with your child.

Where: Ibaco, Cream Stone, Crème Castle, Jack Frost


Summery Shakes

If at the end of a long day, you just want to sit by the beach and share a nice cold shake with your kid, head over to The Thickshake Factory or Café Coffee Day. The Thickshake Factory’s Very Berry Thickshake is a crowd favourite – a luscious strawberry, blueberry and blackcurrant flavoured shake. Chocolate is always soothing so the Cold Chocolate from Café Coffee Day will do in a jiffy too.

Where: The Thickshake Factory, Café Coffee Day

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