Justin Bieber is actually good at his work and Despacito is the proof


We are not saying that he is a good soul and a blessing to humanity. Nor do we justify all his arrests. But we all have to agree to the fact that he is a good singer and Despacito is here to provide the proof. Taking into consideration his improvement from last year, Sorry & Love Yourself were big hits after Baby and we are still amazed on how amazing these songs came out.

His visit to India for the world tour made people cuss and troll him more, but it doesn’t change the fact that people have been hooked to his voice since forever. His behavior might have been bad in the past but his songs have always made our feet tap to the rhythm.

He recently sung the English version of Despacito and we are going to be hooked to the song for many days to come. No matter we understand the lyrics or not, the song makes us sway and Justin’s voice makes us go ‘HAWW’.

You might not be a Belieber {a stupid term used by Justin’s fans} but the way he sings definitely sooths our soul. Not to forget his amazing eyes and that jaw line you could grate cheese with.

See the video of Despacito below and get hooked on along with us.

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