Japanese Learning Centre Upgraded To E-Classroom

Japanese Learning Centre E Classroom

An E –classroom has been launched for learning Japanese at Andhra University. On the occasion of inaugurating this classroom, Andhra University Vice Chancellor, G. Nagesewara Rao said that, there is very high demand for foreign languages and the respective departments should put an effort to provide better facilities and offer more languages as well.

The E-classroom which costs rupees 6 lakh has been funded by Mitsubishi Corporation. The room includes a projector with touch screen system and various other facilities. Apart from learning from books, Japanese films will be screened for a better understanding of the language to the students.

Adding on to this, is creating a Japanese atmosphere and culture by decorating the room with canvas paintings resembling their ancient historical things and incidents. These included the Sancahi Glazed team, tigers and dragons representing the masters of modern paintings of Japanese. There are six sets of paintings detailing various scenes of Japanese customs.

The paintings have been brought from Japan and are fitted into canvas boards. The department is planning to bring books worth rupees 3 lakh related to the language and history of Japan which will be placed in the library. As the demand for management courses are high, the department is planning to launch a six-month diploma course in Japanese management.

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