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International Seafood Show 2016

The twentieth edition of the India International Seafood Show (IISS) will be held here from September 23th to September 25th in the Port Stadium. The Seafood Exporters’ Association of India (SEAI) along with the Marine Product Exports Development Authority (MPEDA) are organising the event. The main theme of the show would be on promoting safe, secure and sustainable aquaculture.

This is the most important seafood event in India, providing a platform for manufacturers and suppliers of processing equipment, certification, and others to showcase their products. It would also give an opportunity to the exporters of seafood, farmers, processors, and professionals in the field to update their knowledge. For this, there will be  technical sessions  held on diverse topics related to the industry and the latest technological advances. Experts from India and abroad will conduct these sessions.

According to Dr A. Jayathilak – Chairman, MPEDA – India is aiming at seafood exports of $10 billion by 2020 and Andhra Pradesh, as the leading exporter of shrimp through Visakhapatnam port, has to play a vital role in achieving the ambitious target, He said the country had exported 9,45,892 tonnes of seafood during 2015-16 valued at ₹30,420.83 crore and the outlook for the current financial year was bright.

Yo! Vizag is proud that Visakhapatnam is hosting this event and wishes it is a grand success for all – city, state and country.

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