IndiGo Airlines flight hit by wild boar mid-takeoff, passengers and crew panic


IndiGo airlines is in the news again and this time it is for being hit by a stray wild-boar on the Vizag Airport runway during takeoff. Passengers and crew panic but situation was brought under control quickly.

The IndiGo Airlines flight, carrying 150 passengers was bound for Hyderabad at 10.15 p.m. In what can be termed a miraculous escape, the disaster was averted after a wild boar hit the flight mid-takeoff. This happened at Vizag Airport on Sunday night.

The wild-boar which came on to the runway in the dark unknowingly made it’s way to the rear wheel of the aircraft. The crew realized there was a problem when the rear wheels failed to lift while takeoff. In the panic that followed, the pilot informed the Air Traffic Controller and took to the air nevertheless to avoid a fire since the tank was full. The panic and risk were averted since the crew kept hovering in the sky for a full hour to exhaust the tank. The landing happened only after the fuel level reached minimum.

The passengers who were taken afright then proceeded to Hyderabad after an hour and landed safely. Upon inspection the flesh of the wild boar was found stuck on the rear wheel. For averting such incidents, the green growth near the runways are now being cleared.

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