Indigo Airlines apology for manhandling of passenger by ground staff at Delhi Airport.

indigo airlines
indigo airlines

Indigo Airlines is in the news again and not for a good reason. The airlines has rendered an apology for alleged manhandling of a passenger by ground staff at Delhi Airport.

An IndiGo Airlines passenger was allegedly manhandled by an Indigo groundstaff the busy Delhi Airport. There are video footages  circulating as to how the ground staff restrained and manhandled the passenger at the Delhi Airport terminal shortly after an argument. The video has been widely shared. It shows that the passenger  In a widely shared video footage, the passenger who had landed in the national capital, was physically prevented from boarding the coach by the ground staff who was heard complaining to the passenger allegedly using abusive language.

Source – Times of India

The passenger has been identified as Rajeev Katiyal who was travelling from Chennai. The duo entered into a fight and punches were exchanged. The incident dates to October 15th but the video shared very recently has elicited an apology from Indigo Airlines. They have claimed to have fired the accused ground staff. The airlines has taken care to restore faith in their image saying that they do not tolerate such misconduct.

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