Indian Navy rubbishes Pakistan’s claim of thwarting its submarine

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The Indian Navy, on Tuesday, rubbished Pakistan’s “false propaganda” that it had thwarted an attempt by an Indian submarine to enter the country’s territorial waters. The Pakistan Navy claimed that it used specialised skills to ward off the Indian submarine from entering Pakistani waters.

Dismissing the claims, the Indian Navy said it does not take cognizance of such propaganda. “The Indian Navy remains deployed as necessary to protect National Maritime Interests. Over the past several days, we have witnessed Pakistan indulging in false propaganda and spreading misinformation. The Indian Navy does not take cognizance of such propaganda. Our deployments remain undeterred,” a press release stated.

The claim by Pakistan Navy came amid the recent escalation of tension between the two countries. “The Indian submarine was not targeted keeping in view Pakistan’s policy of peace,” a Pakistan spokesperson said while adding that India must learn from this incident and “move towards peace.”

“The Pakistan Navy is always ready to guard its territorial waters and is capable of responding to any kind of aggression with full force,” he further said.

Meanwhile, Navy Chief Admiral Sunil Lanba, on Tuesday, said that they had information of terrorists being trained to attack India through the sea. “We have seen how quickly terrorist groups evolve across the globe and this particular ‘brand’ of terror may well become a global problem in the near future,” he said. The Navy Chief also added that the Indian security establishment is working continuously to address the menace.

Speaking at the Indo-Pacific regional dialogue event organised by the Navy and the National Maritime Foundation, Lanba called on the international community to collaborate forces to eliminate terrorism in all its forms.

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