Indian Navy’s Expedition To Mount Saserkangri, Ladakh


The Indian Navy recently conducted an expedition to Mount Saserkangri in Nubra valley, Ladakh. Fourteen members tried to scale a height of 7672 meters. The expedition was flagged off from Visakhapatnam on August 4. They travelled from here to Leh, Ladakh and then trekked to Phokpoche, setting five camps along the way. The team almost reached the summit, reaching an altitude of 7250 meters, barely 150 meters away from the summit.


The mountaineers encountered hostile weather all the while they were scaling the mountain, except for three clear days. The extreme weather conditions had an adverse affect in the team with a giant avalanche engulfing two members and three others having to be airlifted.   


Also known as ‘Yellow Goddess’, the mountain is one of the most technically and physically demanding peaks of the country. But the Indian Navy remains undeterred. The incidents have only managed to harden the resolve of the mountaineers from the Indian Navy who will attempt to reach the summit in 2017. Yo! Vizag wishes them good luck.

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