Ideas For Teenagers to Make Extra Money on The Internet

make extra money

When you are a teenager, you start exploring the world and you need more and more money to satisfy your needs. Being a teenager is not an easy task as you are constantly pressurised by guardians and have a lot in your bucket list. To make your dreams happen, you need money which most parents cannot provide their children with. The problem to this solution is provided in this article, where you can earn some extra cash to increase your savings. By following these simple steps, you can earn upto 5,000-7,000 INR in a month. Take notes.

make extra money

1 – Slice the Pie

Slice the Pie is a website you can use to rate and review music. You can sign up at 13 and older. Simply listen to a clip of a song — most of the time by a newer artist — and give it a 1 to 10 rating along with four or five sentences explaining what you liked or didn’t like about the music clip. Pay for each music clip you rate varies. Slice the Pie occasionally has special promotions where you can earn more for rating songs. They pay out every Tuesday and Friday with Paypal. You must have at least 5000 INR in your account to request your money.


2 – Fiverr

Fiverr is a huge marketplace where people post services they are willing to provide for $5. Teens are allowed to sign up and post services here. Fiverr actually has potential to turn into more than just side money, so that makes it one of the best online jobs for teens. Many people do make their living from Fiverr, earning upto 10,000 INR in a week.

If you’re wondering what services to offer, just take a look at what other people are offering and see if you can do something similar. Fiverr pays you with Paypal and after all the fees, you will receive almost 200 INR for every 250 INR order you receive and complete.

make extra money

3 – U-Haul

U-Haul is a well-known company (I’m sure you’ve heard of them) that occasionally has work from home customer service type jobs available. This is definitely one of the real online jobs for teens, and not an extra money gig like most of what is listed here.

The majority of the work from home customer service jobs I come across require that applicants be at least 18 years old, but U-Haul hires workers that are as young as 16!

make extra money

4 – Sell on Etsy

Etsy is an online marketplace for all things handmade and vintage. You can open up a shop on Etsy with your parent’s consent if you are under the age of 18. However, your parent or guardian will have to additionally be the one who manages your shop.

make extra money

5 – My Likes

If you are a teen very active on social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) you can earn some money sharing links through My Likes. You can sign up for My Likes as long as you are at least 13. They pay out with Paypal once a week on Fridays if you have earned at least 50 INR. You also have the option of getting paid with an Amazon gift code.

make extra money

6 – Revenue-Share Writing

Are you a writer? You’ll find that most of the sites offering upfront pay writing sites won’t let you register until you are at least 18, but luckily many of the rev-share sites will let teens sign up to write. Revenue share sites allow you to write articles across many different subjects and accumulate money over time on those articles through ad clicks, social media shares, and more.


7 – Survey Panels

Teens can earn some extra money online sharing their opinions for different online survey panels. Many, many online survey panels do permit you to sign up as long as you are at least 13 years old.

Like most of the other online jobs for teens, this is money that is slow to build up. But the more survey panels you are a member of, the more survey invitations you should receive. Doing surveys here and there as you receive them can certainly add up to extra money in a month’s time.

earn extra money

8 – Reward Sites

Reward sites are similar in a way to survey sites because it’s something you can do here and there to build up cash and rewards over time. These sites usually have a mix of different things you can do to earn — search the web, redeem offers, answer surveys, watch videos, and several other things. Most of them also pay in points.

The more you participate, the more you can build up. The points can usually be redeemed for not only Paypal cash but also various merchandise and Amazon gift codes. Here is a list of some of the more popular reward sites you can begin using as a teen. And remember, this one is just extra cash.

SWAGBUCKS – 13 & up

InstaGC – 13 & up

Zoombucks – 13 & up

Quick Rewards – under 18 must get parent’s permission (this one pays out daily!)

Feature Image Credit: Herbertkikoy

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