Helicopter tourism in Visakhapatnam comes to a halt post festive season

helicopter, visakhapatnam
Helicopter Tourism in Vizag

The ambitious helicopter tourism project in Visakhapatnam has come to a startling halt post festive season.

Inaugurated amidst much fanfare, the helicopter tourism project was much awaited and very much rejoiced when it finally took off in Visakhapatnam. Amidst the cheer, festivities and crowds of the season it had a good run and left many happy. Launched on December 29th for the public during the course of Visakha Utsav, the charm as it seems has fizzled out. Helicopter tourism is at a halt and how.

With the absence of customers, there was no helicopter in sight recently. The crowds thronging for it have dispersed and the response has quietened down. The officials do not mean to ply it and keep it by if the visitors are not coming in. They plan to keep the vehicle restive and bring it again in festive season.

An important reason for this could be the fare that is being charged as per people’s reports. Rs.2500 for a 10 minute spin is considered by many to be too steep and people give it a miss. VUDA has however constructed a new and permanent helipad at Rushikonda which can support helicopter service on a continuous basis. Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu had launched this ambitious tourism project which is now idling due to reduced demand from the public.

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