Indulge in Summer Desserts & More in the City


Summer is the longest and hottest season of the year and also the best season for desserts, be it any age group. Often we see people binge eating and most of the time it is either junk or sweets. Many a times people can control it, but sometime the deliciousness of the sweet prevents it from happening. Here are some hangouts for Vizagites to pamper their taste buds at in this sizzling season and indulge in some summer desserts and more. As we went around, we found a number of places where you can’t let it go after a single bite. Here are a few of them.

Funduz Café

The refreshing, pleasant mocktails in air conditioned room on a cushioned sofa is just what anyone would love to have in this hot climate. They have lip smacking food items at a very reasonable rate. The bakery members are very courteous to customers that’s near MVR shopping mall.

Food Ex

Food Ex

A place where the moment a person enters, gets lost at the sight of myriad variety of creamy delights. These are one of the best hangouts for youngsters in a funky ambience. You obviously know where this cafe’s at!

Sarvani Sweets

A lovely place to hangout with your old friends with delicious milk shakes, colorful mock tails and yummy cakes. This place will surely increase your appetite. It is located near RTC complex.

Snow Dunes

Waiting to indulge in pure ecstasy? Here is the place. Creamy and tasty ice creams of different flavors is a perfect bang for your buck. Eggless variety of cakes with cool designs are just finger licking and adorable.
Please share your favourite places too.

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