Andhra Pradesh Vows To Eradicate Poverty With Global Citizen India

global citizen

On the International Day of Eradication of Poverty, Andhra Pradesh became the first state to take a vow and commit itself to eradicating poverty by 2030 in accordance with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Global Citizen India signed a petition urging the Chief Ministers of India to achieve Sustainable Development Goals. According to surveys, no amount of individual philanthropy, public investment and aid can help eliminate poverty. So Global Citizen India uses social media as a platform to urge governments, social influencers and actors to join the cause.

Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh N Chandrababu Naidu became the first CM to respond to the petition. He expressed gratitude to Global Citizens of India and committed to be a part of their journey. He also shared Vision 2029. He tweeted, “Thanks @glblctznin for 90,000 petitions. We commit ourselves to attain SDGs, end poverty by 2030: #ShuruaatHoonMain .”

global citizen

Such a step is set to impact 50 million lives. Till date, 192 countries have taken the oath to commit themselves to the creation of a just and equitable planet by 2030. Now India has joined the cause with Andhra Pradesh being the first state to do so. Through this, the CM has set a great example to the rest of the country.

Bhavya Bishnoi, Global Citizen India spokesperson, said, “Global Citizen India celebrates a milestone in its 15-year commitment to the country, as Andhra Pradesh steps up and formally commits itself to the Sustainable Development Goals. Committed to aligning action by different stakeholders in society to the million young voices demanding change, Global Citizen India is honored to participate and celebrate in this achievement. We congratulate the leadership in the state and urge other states to join this movement. We are also very excited to have the Chief Minister contribute to this movement and inspire Global Citizens across India and the world to rise up and fight for these important issues.”

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