Funny stories of passengers on Indian Railways that everyone can relate to

indian railways
indian railways

For everyone of us there are countless funny stories to share regarding journeys aboard Indian Railways.

The pain of delays to the halt at random stations, the budget buys from hawkers to the cute guy on the next berth, there is so much more a rail journey aboard Indian Railways. Here are some funny stories everyone will relate to.

1) Stolen slippers/shoes

Image result for fights on train journeys in indiaAt least once in our lifetime we have had our footwear stolen on an Indian Railways train. If you haven’t then count yourself lucky. It’s always funny to think why and what necessity would make someone steal footwear.

2) Fights over luggage space

If you aren’t a party to it, funny stories abound the extra luggage everyone carries on a train. The ensuing fights, many a time in different tongues is hilarious to witness.

3) Hungry when others are eating

Related imageLooking back we will recount moments when we are super hungry and waiting for the catering guy to bring grub and there is a family tucking into a delicious meal. The aroma has a way of not going away.

4) Hungry for everything pantry car brings

Hygienic or unhygienic, the pantry car food is awaited and even the watery tomato soup. Come on do not deny it. It kills boredom and fills you up. Funny how we criticize it but still hog it.

5) Haggling with Ticket Conductor

Endless bargaining with T.C when you do not have a ticket is good stuff of funny stories. Students will especially share how they have fooled and have been fooled.

6) Checking out and flirting

We always take a quick look at our co-passengers when we board and do not lie about feeling happy for an interesting someone on the next seat. Okay may be these stories will come from cheeky youngsters but cannot deny it.Image result for indian train journey

Making good friends – Best friends have a chance of meeting you at the most inane of places and we know someone who share their funny tales of fights leading to conversations and everlasting friendships aboard a train.

Hope you enjoyed it? Do share yours too.

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