This place in Lawsons Bay totally wins for it’s amazing food and hospitality

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Amidst all the hullabaloo in the city, Puja’s Kitchen in Lawsons Bay is spoiling its customers with amazing food and we are hungrier than ever. An entire menu filled with authentic north Indian dishes is what one expects. Famous for its yummy and freshly made food, Puja’s Kitchen has topped the list of the best street eateries in town and we scream HURRAY.


If you relish on the typical north Indian breakfast, Aloo Parathe from this kitchen are sure to calm your hunger. If you want to eat something heavy, the Chole Bhature is extremely delicious and comes with a side of sliced lemons and onions.


Stuffed Bread Pakoras are exceptional and goes perfect with a glass of soft drink {so remember to carry a bottle with you}. Sandwiches are toasted to perfection and the filing is so yummy that it will win your heart. Also, Pav Bhaji and Wada Pao is what we would recommend to fill the tummy on a rainy/chilly day.

If you crave for something ‘cheesy’, then garlic bread should be your order. The ultimate cheesy bread topped with roasted bell peppers and garlic is very delicious. You can probably make a meal out of their offerings, as far as you are not counting the calories.

The new menu has RADHA PATTIE which is a MUST TRY.

The best time to visit this place is in the evening, right after your lousy workout in the gym. I’m pretty sure the food would be worth the money more than your gym membership. Just saying 😉

TIP: The Chole Gravy and the extra butter on Parathas is messy affairs so don’t take the first bite in your car.

PRO TIP: Do not miss out the yummy and tangy ‘Achaar’ served along with Parathas. You can also buy a bottle of it from the food kitchen.

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