What makes our Sairam Parlour special even after all these days?

sairam parlour food
sairam parlour

Situated at Dwaraka Nagar is one of the city’s most famed places for food. The Sairam Parlour has stood there since many years witnessing the city undergo many changes. While the building has been resurrected recently, the demand for the food here has remained the same, if not increasing.

So what makes the food here so special?

Be it for a scrumptious breakfast, or a kingly lunch or even for a satisfying dinner, Sairam parlour has been the to-go place for many of us. The foods here have maintained their typical flavours since many years. This along with their extremely reasonable prices has made this restaurant one of the crowd favourites.

It’s a multi-cuisine restaurant and offers a wide range of items to choose from. In the Tiffin section, they have many varieties of dosas to go along with the idlis, vadas, and pooris. Their Mysore Bajjis are pretty popular all over the city. Even the Ghee Karam Dosa is sure to bowl you over with its spicy buttery flavours.

Coming to the main-course, the restaurant has options ranging from the Veg Pulao to the American Choupsey. The North Indian cuisine consists of many spicy dishes that are drool-worthy. The Chinese dishes here are prepared with a lovely Indian flair. If you’re looking to treat yourself to an authentic Andhra lunch, then you have to order the South Indian Thalli here. You would be served with items that are very specific to Andhra kitchens. There’s even a curry-point counter here from where you can buy any item related to the Thali

The location of the restaurant has also been another major factor in its success. It’s located close to both the bus complex and the railway station which makes it get many parcel orders. You can visit the place with your friends or family or even by yourself to enjoy the food here.

So the next time you’re passing by Dwaraka Nagar, make sure you stop by Sairam parlour and get an experience for yourself.

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