Lycos and Kissht to set up offices in Vizag’s Fintech Valley

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Nara Lokesh with the representatives from Lycos

Two more IT companies have come forward to invest in the city of Visakhapatnam. While the news of Bodhtree coming to the city was confirmed on Friday, Lycos Internet Ltd and Kissht have also given the commitment to be a part of the Fintech Valley.

The companies are expected to provide nearly 600 job opportunities in the city. As per a Facebook post put up by the state’s IT Minister Nara Lokesh, Kissht alone will create around 300 jobs including 50 data scientists.

Bodhtree will cater to the GST needs of the state and its subsidiary, FundPitch will help with the funding of SMEs in the state, a report in The Hindu quoted.

Nara Lokesh with the representatives from Lycos

It has also been reported that the Lycos team will soon visit Visakhapatnam as a first step in setting up their office in the city. The company has agreed in principle to start a development centre for Blockchain in Visakhapatnam.

Nara Lokesh with the representatives from Kissht

Kissht Financial Technology provides digital EMI cards to customers who make online purchases. The company also provides credit based on big data analytics. Nara Lokesh informed that the company was impressed with the steps taken by the Andhra Pradesh government, and has come forward to invest in the city’s Fintech Valley. The minister has even directed the officials to immediately provide an office space for Kissht to start its operations.