Famous film producer traps Tollywood actress for prostitution

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Young Tollywood actress has been lured into high-end prostitution in Chicago by a couple of Indian descent. The male in the couple is reported to be a famous film producer.

The male in the couple, disguised as a manager, invited the actress to attend a Telugu Association event in the US. As a matter of fact, he has been a pimp and the invitation was a made up story.

The couple has been in plans of trapping Telugu actresses from Tollywood and advertise them for sex at Indian Conferences and cultural events across the US.

The clients have been charged up to 3000$ for each sexual encounter, according to a complaint filed in the US District Court of Chicago.

At least five actresses were forced to stay on temporary visas at a drabby apartment, in the Chicago’s Belmont Cragin neighborhood, waiting for their next “date”. The actresses have been meeting clients at the conferences held in Dallas, New Jersey and Washington.

The alleged mastermind behind the prostitution scheme and the male mentioned above is Kishan Modugumudi, an Indian businessman, and a film producer of some successful movies in Tollywood.

One of the actresses, identified as Victim A, alleged that Modugumudi threatened her life and also her family’s if she told law enforcement the truth about what she has been made to do while in the country.

The victim alleged that it would be nothing for Modugumudi to harm her if she talked to the police about him because she is small and unknown, not a big actress. She further stated he had a copy of her passport with her family’s name and address on it.

Wife of Modugumudi, Chandra, has been alleged of storing detailed information about the sex acts performed by each girl.

70 condoms, stored in small ziplock bags and information about the clients have been found by the federal agents.in the Modugumudis’ apartment.

On obtaining a search warrant for Kishan Modugumudi’s email accounts, the agents found a note written by victim A, pleading Modugumudi to stop harassing and threatening her.

“Please do not call me and don’t try to contact me,” she wrote. “It was very unpleasant doing business with you and I don’t want to do any business with you now or in future. If you try contacting me again, I’ll have to make a formal complaint.”

Text conversation from December 2016 between a client and the couple showed messages involving pictures of a Tollywood actress. “For me?”, the client replied in the text with a smiley emoticon, as per reports in the complaint.

Another Tollywood actress, named as Victim D, texted to Chandra that she had just performed some sex act on a client. “He is very happy”, the victim texted her and Chandra replied with a “thumbs up”.

Records show that the alleged film producer and his wife have been arrested and taken into federal custody in late April.

Credits: Great Andhra

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