Festival season comes to Visakhapatnam, celebrations in the air

Festive season
Festive season

Celebrations and a joyous spirit mark the atmosphere in Visakhapatnam as festival season marks its arrival with a run up of good times and celebrations.

There is nothing that speaks hope, happiness and cheerfulness as the year end. About now is the time when the weather becomes pleasant, lights festoon the Visakhapatnam streets and a general spirit of camaraderie and joy uplift people’s spirits. Ahead is a line up of Christmas and New Year and parties, celebrations, plans and holidays are in order. Visakhapatnam is especially brilliant at this time of the year and here is how to get into the groove for the festival season.

#1 Take a long drive through the city

Be it the Beach Road, Asilmetta, Siripuram or any other upbeat location in Visakhapatnam, lights are strung up and shops alight with decorations, Christmas trees and gifts galore. It takes no one by surprise but by happiness as to how much the city and it’s people catch up to the infectious festive spirit.

#2 Wafting aromas of cakes, bakes and yummy grub

There is nowhere that celebrations can be complete without a healthy partake of yummy foods. Rich and delicious plum cakes, biryanis and tandoor fired up with bonfire amongst friends and chocolates and confections for greeting and gifting. A healthy dose of appetite always perks up during festive season.

#3 Iconic Churches of Visakhapatnam light up and swing with melodious harmony

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Any Church in Visakhapatnam is decorated and done up with the best finery from now on until after Christmas Eve. Special services and prayers and the melodious voices raised in the choir is something one grows up with in the City of Destiny. Irrespective of what faith you practice, Christmas in a Visakhapatnam Church is never to be missed.

#4 Holidays and picnics are norm-du-jour

This is the time for many to take their annual holidays and we are not just talking about school children. Picnics are planning at different spots in Visakhapatnam and the ringing of laughter and jokes and merry banter is a common sight. One can overhear plans being made, experiences shared and a joy at being light hearted and free.

#5 Hotels lay out their best spreads and parties

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The party scene in Visakhapatnam reaches a crescendo with different new and innovative themes with different special programmes and entertainment lined up for people to swing and sway to. There is no dearth of good food and wine and everybody enjoys just fine. Bookings are already open and people asking each other what plans for New Year has already begun.

So whats yours??

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