Engineer victimized by eve teasers jumps off moving train.

source - deccan chronicle

Eve teasing is one of the most common and dangerous forms of women’s harassment. Yesterday, eve teasers harassed a software engineer on a train at Singarayakonda, Prakasam district. The harrased girl had nowhere to escape and jumped off the train. The train which was moving at high speed claimed severe injuries to the unfortunate victim.  As she jumped, she hit a ballast and sustained critical injuries to her body. The driver was alerted by her fall and stopped the train. Locals and police rushed her to Rajiv Gandhi Institute for Medical Sciences in Ongole. Care and attention has revived the girl who is now out of danger. The parents rushed to the girl after being alerted by railway staff.

Eve teasers: The accused have been nabbed by the railway police. They are Mohammad,22, Hari Keshav Yadav, 25 and Sadaqat Khan, 42 who did not have reserve tickets. They had boarded on unreserved general tickets. They passed lewd remarks on the girl and made advances on her. this continued for an hour. Afterwards, they started touching her inappropriately. This was too much for the helpless engineer who was left with little choice. She proceeded to jump off the train to escape the eve teasers.

This is one of the many incidents happening in the country. The engineer chose to risk her life than face the harassment. The situations for other girls have been more unfortunate.

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