GITAM Students make an ATV

ATV GITAM Motorsports Club

A team of engineering students from GITAM University have conceptualised and built an Electric All Terrain Vehicle. They call themselves ‘Team Gravity’ and are a part of the GITAM Motorsports Club. Their design of the ATV was adjudged as one of the top 10 designs by SAE Baja India, a society of Automobile Engineers. The uniqueness of their design lies in enabling the vehicle to have tremendous maneuverability. The ATV can be upgraded to solar power with minimum modification and facilitates options for disaster management scenarios and aids in agriculture.

They are on the precipice of finishing the project successfully, yet being students, they lack the financial strength to do so and are looking for support. They can be reached on their Facebook page. Yo! Vizag wishes them the best.

*Feature image taken from GITAM Motorsports Club FB page

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