GVMC The First In India To Deploy E-Bikes

GVMC E-Bikes India's First Vizag

The GVMC has officially become India’s first municipal corporation to have deployed electric two-wheelers in the form of e-bikes. The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh N Chandrababu Naidu has inaugurated 100 Limitless Electric Bikes for GVMC as part of the Mahanadu.

This progressive initiative will now earn GVMC the distinction of providing its sanitary supervisors with an economical and emission-free option to use during their patrols. These bikes were supplied to the state government by a start-up called Gayam Motor Works.

The Limitless e-bikes come in two variants. They come equipped with a smart pedal assist system, high performance battery and a throttle that makes it incredibly easy to start. The e-bikes come with a detachable battery that can be charged within two and half hours. The bike is capable of picking up speed from zero to 25 kmph in five seconds.

The running cost of these e-bikes will now be brought down from Rs 2/km to Rs 0.07/km. The higher variants of these bikes runs to 60 km/charge and the lower variant runs to 30 km/charge. Riders needn’t even worry about the bike running out of charge as it can be pedalled back in such a situation.

The GVMC also plans to introduce a Public Bicycle Sharing System as a part of its Smart City initiative. The move is in a bid to promote zero emission clean transportation. The state government now plans to implement a similar system in Amaravati and Tirupati.

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