Dump Yard At Kapuluppada in Vizag To Take Up Bio-mining

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The GVMC has decided to bio-mine the accumulated waste at the solid waste dump yard at Kapuluppada. The bio-mining is supposed to take up five acres of land at the dump yard.

GVMC is looking to involve private companies under corporate social responsibility or for investments to salvage the dump yard. Garbage is being transported to this yard for the last two decades, 60-100 acres of the dump has already been filled. Municipal Commissioner M Hari Narayanan stated that a company has come forward to take up the bio-mining. A proposal has been sent to the government for approval. If more companies show interest, they will be taken on board too.

The cost of bio-mining is estimated to be around Rs 400 per tonne. Vizag generates 1000 tonnes of garbage per day on an average, making it to Rs 4 lakh per day. The GVMC does not have the budget for that, hence the investments it’s seeking. The GVMC spends Rs 1 crore per month on fuel to transport solid waste to the dump yard. GVMC recently decided to set up organic waste convertors at six Rythu Bazaars and at Poorna Market. The hotel who generate lot of waste have been asked to invest in organic waste convertors. Separation of waste has been taken up in 72 colonies.

The Solid Waste Management Rules 2016 state that local bodies should analyse and investigate all open dump sites and existing operational dumpsters for their potential in bio-mining. Only non-usable, non-recyclable, non-biodegradable and non-reactive waste, pre-processing rejects and residues from waste-processing facilities should go to sanitary land-fill.

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