GVMC to conduct door-to-door surveillance in Vizag on dengue awareness

township, visakhapatnam
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Additional to mosquito menace, the incessant rains made Vizag a mosquito breeding ground, with the water stagnation remaining an issue. Keeping this in mind, around 5,000 personnel from Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC) would be conducting a door to door surveillance to create awareness about Dengue to the people.

GVMC has made plans to visit all the 5.8 Lakhs houses within Vizag limits. In this regards, the District Collector Pravin Kumar IAS said that the officials would demonstrate about the need of Dry Day to the residents.

GVMC Commissioner M Harinarayanan mentioned that the officials would be stopping by at each house for 10 to 15 minutes and create awareness. A sticker would be affixed to each house that has been visited for the survey. In the absence of the resident, the officials would visit the house the next day. A survey questionnaire would also be given to the residents.

It has been learned that around 55% of downfall has been observed in the Dengue rate around the city.

From January till date, the report submitted by the district health officials illustrated that a total number of 1,500 cases were registered in Vizag. In June and July alone, the King George Hospital (KGH) has received 25 to 30 patients on an average in a day. 19 dengue positive cases, majorly from rural and semi-urban areas have been registered on Thursday. While June and July witnessed 800 cases, 600 dengue affected cases were reported alone in August.

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