Death of Gayatri College student at Vizag beach, another student missing

death, vizag beach

The mishaps continue to haunt the citizens at the Vizag beach. At the latest, two engineering students went missing at the beach on Sunday. While one faced death, the other one went missing.

As per the reports from the police, five students pursuing Btech at Gayatri Vidhya Parishad in Vizag have visited the beach on Sunday evening. While having a fun time in the waters, all of them were sucked deeper into the sea by a strong current.

On noticing the situation, the Coastal Security Police have sprung into action and managed to rescue three of them. The other two Pawan Kumar (18) and K. Hari Kiran (18) went missing into the deep sea.

After some time, Pawan Kumars dead body has washed to the shores, while Hari Kiran is still missing. Search operations are still being carried out to trace Kiran.

Vizag beach is best known not just in the state but worldwide for beholding an enormous tourism footfall rate every year. And on the other side, the beach in Vizag is being known as a location for a lot of deaths due to drowning.

People from different places visit Vizag beach every year to witness the beautiful scenic view of the city’s coastline. True that the waters of the oceans are captivating. But, just to fulfil the excitement, a lot of people walk into the waters only to face death in the deep blue sea. What comes in as a distressing news is on an average every year, 196 deaths are being reported in Vizag beach.

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