A list of places which are perfect for a romantic date in the shore city of Vizag

date spots in Vizag

Got a date but confused where to take your partner! We feel you. To rescue you from this situation, we bring you a list of places in the city that make as great spots for a romantic lunch/dinner. These spots will never dissatisfy you and the cozy setting will add to the comfort. So next time you have a date, look for these places before hopping to some fancy ass place with mediocre food and lousy music. Here we go.

Dusk, Palm Beach

This place is the one that strikes our mind when it comes to dates. The comfortable surrounding with all the good vibes is everything one would want on a date. The food is delicious and the live music is just a cherry on top. Take a romantic walk to the beach after the dinner and your day is sorted.

D Cabana

If you want a cozy place with a sea view, this is where you head to. A place with a comfortable couch with airy space which also comes with amazing food is what one might enjoy on a date. The view is spectacular and so is the vibe.

Ming Garden, Hotel Gateway

If a fan of Chinese and Thai food, this is the only place which can satisfy you. With its amazing collection of wine, Ming Garden will prove to be a nice spot for your date. The magnificent view of the sea comes as a complementary gift.


More into art and quirky setting, Radisa is your place to go. The setting of this place will make you fall in love with the surroundings and the beautifully grown plants in the backyard are extremely photogenic. This place will not only serve you will good food but will also get you privacy which you obviously need.

Infinity, Novotel

The rooftop bar and restaurant in Novotel is probably the only place which provides with good booze and an amazing view of the Bay of Bengal. Spend time here talking with your partner and witness the night go with the speed of light. Also, indulge in some amazing desserts available on the menu.

Flying Spaghetti Monster

Wish to have a candle lit night then FSM will work just fine for you. With the lip smacking food and cozy setting, this place will satisfy you in every way. If you wish to lure your love a bit more, feed them the chocolate bomb from FSM and this date will sure go amazing.

Now that you have the list, plan your date accordingly and make the most out of it. You can thank us later.

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