Cybercrime police in Vizag alert citizens about fake sellers in OLX

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Considering the rise in cybercrime activities, the Vizag Cyber Police are alerting the citizens to be careful while dealing with strangers on the popular sell and buy e-platform OLX.

As per the reports from the police, it has been learned that Rs 13 Lakhs were stolen by the cyber thieves on the website last year. In a similar fashion, 8 cases have been registered recently, at the cyber crime police station.

During a press conference conducted at the Siripuram Cybercrime Station, DCP of Law and Order K Fakeerappa and DCP of Crime AR Damodar mentioned the ill activities taking place in OLX. They said that the crime rate has been increasing due to the improper security administration on the website. The culprits are registering with fake accounts and uploading fake product information to steal money from the customers. Police have warned the public not to buy phones, cars, and other items from OLX until and unless proper checking is done.

Recently, a customer was trapped by a cyber thief in the process of buying an Innova car on the website. Around Rs 3 Lakhs were stolen from the customer, as he transferred the money to the fake seller’s account. On investigation, the police came to know that the seller provided fake details on the website.

The police said that the buyers should not transfer money beforehand, without receiving the product. They should note down details like the seller’s location and certification of the product before purchasing.

Also, on receiving a legal notice from the cyber crime police, the Managing Director of OLX, Juhi Ajarika, has attended the press conference in Vizag. Juhi mentioned that the technical team would respond as per the orders which were given by the police to ensure safe purchasing.

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