Custom officials catch man carrying gold on his body, you would’t be able to guess where


The custom officials have been busy and the Vizag airport has witnessed a strange way to hide gold that one doesn’t want seen. Air Intelligence Unit of Vizag airport have caught an international passenger whose name has not been revealed. He has been detained by custom officials on the grounds of carrying gold biscuits in his rectum. Of all places he could hide he chose the one he thought would not be searched. His awkward manner of walking gave him away. Added to this his hurry while crossing the green channel for non-dutiable goods gave him away.

The accused had arrived at Vizag airport in a Sri Lankan Airways flight at around 9.30 a.m. The suspicion that he was carrying cocaine gave way to custom officials shock. There were 800 grams of gold he was carrying in the uncomfortable place. After detaining him, the custom officials put him through confirmatory screening tests. The tests revealed objects in the rectum. Right now the accused has been sent to KGH for full body scanning. Newspaper reports point to his name being Abdul Razak, 50 years of age from Colombo but it has not been confirmed.

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