Technology That Can Track and Disable Looted Weapons!

CRPF exploring tech to track looted weapons

It’s high time India’s security forces were given a better footing. Finally there is news that India’s largest paramilitary force, the CRPF, is exploring such a technology whereby looted weapons could be tracked down and disabled. This move is said to be a game-changer as far as India’s security is concerned.

CRPF is mainly looking at this technology as a means to tackle the problem of weapons looted by Maoists in Left-wing extremism affected districts and terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir. The ultras reportedly use the AK rifles, SLRs, INSAS rifles and revolvers that the security force uses in countering insurgencies and Maoist operations in ambushes and on campus attacks.

Reportedly, the technology which is being worked upon could provide GPS tracker/RFID chip or some kind of biometric software which would make the weapon useless if fallen in hands of the ultras. CRPF Director General Rajeev Rai Bhatnagar told TOI that they are looking into such technology, however it’s only at planning stage.

Countries like US already use GPS technology in some of their weaponry. It was Home Minister Rajnath Singh who reportedly floated the idea after the maoist attack in Sukma on April 24. However, several other officials reportedly remain skeptical of the idea, wondering about the ease of it.

Story Credit: Times of India

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