Crime Rate On An Increase In Visakhapatnam

crime rate

Crime rate in Visakhapatnam has been on a steep rise this year compared to the previous years, reportedly, 20-30% more than the previous year to be exact. According to police records, bodily offences, white collar crimes, property offences, road accidents and other types of crime feature on the list of crimes on an increase.

The year 2016 saw Visakhapatnam file a total of 6227 cases reportedly, including road accidents. In 2014 and 2015, the number stood at 5336 and 5204 respectively. Amongst the 6227, 1711 were only property offences, 375 house break-ins, 548 thefts and 551 motor vehicle thefts. The count for property offences in 2015 stood at 1339 and in 2014 at 1667. They have increased by 27% this year.

3100 cases registered this year were for bodily offences, white collar crimes and others. In 2015, 2583 cases were registered in 2014, 2425 cases were registered, making it a 23% increase this year. 34 cases of the same are for murder, 96 for kidnapping, a whopping 78 for rape and 584 are for scams. Good news is, the city shows an increase not because there weren’t no crimes happening in the city previously, but because people are now approaching the police stations without fear.

In 2016, the city witnessed 1416 road accidents, leaving 352 people dead and 1477 injured. Two major danger zones have been identified within the city limits for accidents. One of them is in the Hanumanthuwaka – PM Palem stretch, the other is in the Steel Plant area. Out of the 352 people who died in accidents this year, 100 dies at the Hanumanthawaka – PM Palem stretch and 56 at the Steel Plant area. The city police plans to focus more on these two areas in the future.

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